Given Up on Church

Do you ever wonder why people STILL go to church? Did you once attend or even be in leadership at a church and get "burned?" Did you get dragged to church every week while you were growing up? We know. So have we! Why? Because the church is filled with imperfect people whose lives are messy, complicated, busy and maxed-out. It's because the church is filled with people who are still on a journey towards Christ and in the midst of that journey will sometimes make dumb choices that affect their family, their friends, their co-workers as well as their church.


When people have such a variety of “church” experiences, we see many emotions associated with and views of what church is? Some have said it’s like a country club, a place to just gather with all your friends. Others see it as a place to go to beat yourself up about all the stupid things you’ve done. Still others see church as a crutch for the week and needy,


When church looks like this for so many, it's no wonder people don't want to go. But God desires for us to have community in our lives and a sense of belonging. He desires for us to have a safe place to come and receive His forgiveness and to learn more about Him. We all need a place where God can speak Truth into our lives and help us live within His freedoms. That is what South Shores is all about--helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. It is not about judging others or wallowing in the guilt of past and present sins.


Don't let religion, denominations, churches, pastors, televangelists, Christians who let you down, life circumstances or any other disappointments keep you from seeking God one more time. We are a community that embraces the unconditional love of Christ and seeks to share that love with others. Christ promises that "if you seek me with all of your heart, you will find me."


Our church isn't perfect and it's not full of saints! As leaders we’ve made mistakes but we know God is quick to forgive, eager to lead and ready to use servants who will trust in Him. At the Shore we want people to "Find and Follow Jesus!" I hope you'll join us and discover life with Jesus because when you meet Jesus you’re life will never be the same again.