I’m New…to Church


What to Expect:

Sometimes when we want to experience something new we like to know a little about what to expect! It’s no different when you think about visiting a church and that’s why we’ve dedicated this page to answering in brief, some of the questions you might find yourself asking before visiting The Shore.



In many churches there is an age old battle of traditional hymns vs. contemporary hymns. We recognize that each person who enters our doors has their own preferences. We never choose a song based on genre or style. We choose to worship in Spirit and in Truth as noted by Jesus in John 4. Our main goal each week is to unveil a story about who Christ is and how knowing Him can transform our lives. Any song, video, drama, testimony or any other piece included in our service is incorporated in order to compliment the main point of the teaching for the day. 


We know that children are important to God. Our children’s ministry is not simple babysitting. We care that our ministry is fun, biblical, safe, and facilitates godly relationships. For details on our children’s ministry programs, visit our page here


What is Communion?

It seems as though every church does communion differently? Some choose to have it once a month, a quarter or a year. Here at The Shore, we recognize communion is something that Jesus himslef instituted and have chosen to remember what He did each week.  Communion is a celebration he gave to us so we can remember it was his body sacrificed on our behalf and it was his blood shed in order that our sins can be covered and that we may have eternal life.


At every worship service we give those who choose to worship Jesus an opportunity to give a gift to the King. Each person decides through thoughtful prayer and sacrifice how much to give in accordinance to what God has given them.