Testimony Writing Tips


Your testimony is the story of how you came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each person’s story is special, and no two are the exactly same. While you have the freedom to write your testimony in any form that you deem appropriate, many have found it easier to write their story of grace by breaking down their testimony into the following three stages:


Tell me about life before you accepted Jesus? TIPS: Describe your value system, motivations and life-style prior to your conversion. Identify the events and circumstances that caused you to consider Jesus Christ as the solution to your spiritual need and ultimately led to your decision accept Him as Savior. In some cases this process may have taken place over a long period of time.


What was going on in your life when you put your hope in Jesus, when you first knew you needed a Savior? (aka Circumstances surrounding inviting Christ into your life): Please include the specific steps that you took to become a Christian and why you believe that you have eternal life. As much as possible, try to avoid religious terminology or church clichés (“born again,” “asked Jesus into my heart,” “washed in the blood,” etc.) as this will prepare you to communicate your story more clearly and authentically to your friends.


How has your life changed as a result of being a new creation in Christ?: Describe the difference that Christ has made in your thinking, motivation, values, and actions. For some this may be a dramatic change from the “before” description. For others who accepted Christ at an early age, this step will allow you think through and describe how your life is different than what it could have been and to describe the transformation that is continuing to take place in your life. In either case, please state what assurance that you have of forgiveness and eternal life.


What specific ways has SSCC played a role in your relationship with Christ?: Describe any of the following that apply to you: the role that SSCC has had in you putting your faith in Christ for the first time, the role SSCC has had in helping you grow in your relationship with Christ, the role SSCC has played in helping you understand the Gospel and God more. Try to give some specific examples if possible.


We look forward to reading your story and also hope that you will take the time to share it with someone else who may not know the truth of the Gospel. We understand that many have not written out their testimony before and that it can be a difficult task. If at any time you need help, please feel free to contact Steve Young at 428-5683 or steveyoung@southshores.net.