Prayer Request

Jim Nash, June 2, 2021 - 9:01 am

UP DATES – Our oldest Carol Emmons had to go to ER a few times over the last couple of weeks for BP and heart. They did heart cath last Wed and had to put 2 stints in for blockages. Her heart is very weak so she wears her life vest continuously which is like an external defibrillator. Please continue praying for her.

Next – Jamie Johnson from her brother Bill Hall. Jamie was taken off of the ECMO machine. Hallelujah, Praise be to God!! She’s a little anxious with the new status but nevertheless doing well. Over the weekend they had a small set back in that another Pneumothorax had developed but they were able to reposition the chest tube and take care of it. I really really cannot tell you how this feels. While I am eternally grateful for the ECMO machine, it is not a term I was familiar with before nor do I ever hope to know anyone who needs it. It is downright scary and they are very upfront with us in that it is a “last ditch” effort to save a life. We still have an extremely long way to go but I finally feel we are well on our way. Admittedly, I have let fear and anxiety creep into my thoughts over the past few months in small moments. I have thought worst case scenarios that I never imagined before. Now all of that doubt, fear and shear weight feels like it is being lifted. I am so proud of Jamie for continuing to fight through all of this. Next steps are to get her off of the ventilator and then to the long process of physical rehab. I am sure there will continue to bumps along the way but we’ll deal as we have previously. A hug thank you to everyone that has prayed diligently and supported us these past 2 months. As I mentioned, our work is not done but I am taking this brief moment to celebrate how far we’ve come.